Our Beginnings

Leading up to 2013, the need for a strong business women’s advocacy group had been evident. The call for women’s voices and action in job creation, competitive wages and benefits, health care, education, workplace equality, crime prevention, and so much more had grown increasingly louder. In response to these needs, a group of women advocates came together to form the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce on September 3, 2013.

Our Founding Members:
Anita Borja Enriquez, D.B.A.
Antoinette Sanford
Denise Mendiola
Doyon Ahn Morato
Jacqueline Marati
Lorraine Okada
Lourdes Leon Guerrero
Mary Okada, Ed.D.
Monica Guzman
Siska Hutapea, MAI, AI-GRS, MRICS, MRE
Vanessa Williams, Esq.