Our membership consists of a group of dynamic, talented women who are valuable to our
mission. We would like to engage with our members by giving them opportunities to let
their brilliant ideas be heard and help us in our pursuit to create an economy that supports
women in their professional endeavors.

We welcome you to join one or more of the following committees:


  • Responsible for developing value-added programs and member benefits, including rewarding membership events and member-only discounts through the Affinity Program, and promoting ways to keep members engaged and connected.
  • Responsible for maintaining the organization’s reputation and relationship with the public.

Chair: Laura Cepeda |


  • Responsible for developing educational workshops or knowledge sessions.
  • Responsible for providing business mentorship opportunities and planning professional development seminars, conferences and training.
  • Responsible for providing access to information that will help women achieve their business goals.
  • Responsible for implementing outreach programs that support the professional and personal development of women and girls in the community.

Chair: Jennifer McFerran |


  • Assist in managing organization’s finances, such as determining allocation of funds.
  • Involved in developing fundraising activities and identifying sources of funding, such as grants and donations.

Chair: Patricia Salas |


  • Responsible for tracking, analyzing, evaluating legislative policies and governmental regulations that impact women in all aspects of their social and economic well-being.
  • Responsible for informing and educating the membership on public and private policies, laws and regulations that affect the establishment of new businesses, and the expansion and sustainment of businesses.
  • Responsible for making recommendations to the Board and general membership for proper courses of action to include lobbying public officials, providing written and oral legislative testimonies, participating in roundtable discussions, and providing arenas for debate and discussions.
  • Responsible for gathering data and statistics that impact women in social, economic and political environments.

Chair: Jayne Flores |