Grant Writing Products and Services
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Grant Writing Products and Services

Holly Rustick, founder of WEGO Consulting, is known as ‘the grant girl’. She’s been on both sides of the grant writing coin – writing them for over a decade as well as managing and reviewing them on behalf of numerous organizations. She also conducts grant training workshops, offers grant-related products, and has a podcast Grant Writing & Funding. Holding a Master’s in International Political Economy and a Bachelor’s in Political Science, Holly is not only a successful technical writer for federal contract bids but also facilitates fundraisers, crowdfunding campaigns and solicits in-kind donations from large corporations for nonprofit organizations. Find out more about her Amazon Bestselling grant writing book, online grant writing course, and services at As an author, Holly Rustick (aka Erica Sand) dreams of possessing a superpower that allows her to create perfectly formatted novels just by thinking about them! But until that day comes, she’ll have to contend with doing it the old-fashioned way. When she’s not daydreaming of new superpowers, you’ll find Erica running a successful grant writing business and drawing upon her own exciting life experiences (from being an international expatriate to a fashion model to an award-winning press writer and a published poet) to create her juicy tales. She’s also got a bad case of travel bugs having sojourned to over 20 countries. When not traveling, Erica adores drinking Pinot Noir and spending time with her gorgeous little girl – but not necessarily in that order. Want to find out more? Visit her website
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