Guam SBDC April Training Schedule

Friday, April 7th (8:30am – 11:00am) **Registration & payment deadline 04/05/17 at 12noon
“How to Prepare a Financial Plan”
Presented by Jane Ray, Business Advisor/Training Program Coordinator
Fee: $20 per person
Synopsis: A financial plan is the heart of any startup or existing business. It is a culmination of the income statement, the cash-flow projection and the business’ balance sheet. The financial plan is a way to look at a business through a financial lens, which is the view most investors or bankers prefer. When preparing a financial plan, it is not mandatory that you be a mathematician, but you need to understand how the numbers affect a business. This training will provide a foundation on both the financial reports and methodology to develop the numbers for those reports.
Friday, April 14th (9:00am – 12:00pm) **Registration deadline 04/13/17 at 12noon
GCA’s Small Business Committee, Guam PTAC, and UOG-Guam SBDC present:
“Employee Management Training”
Presented by Toshie Ito, Owner (Motiva Training & Consulting)
Location: UOG Jesus & Eugenia Leon Guerrero Bldg. School of Business & Public Administration, Anthony A. Leon Guerrero Multi-purpose Room #129, First Floor
Synopsis: “How to Manage Employee Performance – 6 Elements That Affect Results” The performance of your business depends upon the performance and attitude of your employees. But it is not simply up to your employees to do their best and meet the expectations. For your business to be competitive and be successful, it is essential to create a system and an environment that enable employees to perform their jobs at their highest level. This seminar introduces six major elements that influence employees’ morale, job performance and loyalty.
“How to Custom-design Practical Evaluation Forms” Generic evaluation forms use categories such as job knowledge, dependability, quality of work, attendance, judgment, teamwork, initiative, etc. The format seems simple but evaluators must write substantial amount of comment that supports the choice of ratings and it can be time-consuming. Custom-designed format makes it easier to evaluate performance and minimizes a significant difference in judgment and opinions. Learn how to design practical forms that directly reflect employees’ job functions and specific results.
Friday, April 21st (8:30am – 11:00am) **Registration & payment deadline 04/19/17 at 12noon
“How to Manage a Business”
Presented by Denise M. Mendiola, Senior Business Advisor/WIB Program Coordinator
Fee: $20 per person
Synopsis: Managing other people effectively depends on managing yourself. Better business performance will therefore flow from improving your self-management skills. We have identified 8 different aspects of managing as business – managing yourself, your time, your employees, your customers, sales and networks, solving problems, managing risk, and managing your finances. This workshop identifies the issues you may face in each area, and provides you with practical recommendations for dealing with them. Included in the workshop are several evaluation tools that can be used to better manage your business.
Thursday, April 27th (8:30am – 11:00am) **Registration & payment deadline 04/25/17 at 12noon
“Introduction to Financial Statements”
Presented by Jane Ray, Business Advisor/Training Program Coordinator
Fee: $20 per person
Synopsis: Did you ever wonder how do you read a financial statement? Then this is the seminar for you. This training uncovers the mystery surrounding the basic financial statements: profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow statement. We will review the main components for each report; you will learn how these statements interact with one another and how to understand what the numbers mean for your business.
All workshops will be held at the UOG Leon Guerrero SBPA Bldg. Room#148, First Floor
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